By | August 31, 2017

The only thing consistent is change!

That being said, we have moved the headquarters of Hazel’s House to our home on the Hilltop.

This home was donated to Girls with Attitude! several years ago, and has served the neighborhood well.  From food distribution to Christmas baskets the neighborhood knows this little house on the boulevard.

In addition to housing Hazel’s House, this is also the headquarters to a budding ministry called Ann’s Open Arms.

Ann’s Open Arms was founded by Don & Kay Morehart in honor of his mother.  Anna Bell, as she was called by friends was one of those beautiful souls with the most amazing hugs.  Many times the greatest gift we can give someone is a hug.  A HUG SPEAKS VOLUMES!

This location will operate with the same ministries Hazel’s House.  Kids group, Wednesday night group. and holiday outreach.

Because the home is headquarters to several ministries we are calling in THE HUB.  A place not only to serve but a coming together of like minds and hearts.


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