WARNING-Hazel’s House Found to be Hazardous

By | March 22, 2015


WARNING:   Giving of your personal time by participating in ANY HAZEL’S HOUSE opportunity may affect your life forever.    Participating  in   just  one  event  may  cause  mild   side  effects  such  as  joy  and  cheerfulness.   BEWARE:  joining multiple Hazel’s House  opportunities  have  been  known  to  cause  major  irreversible  side  effects  such  as  EXCESSIVE  JOY,  HAPPINESS  and  THANKFULNESS.

It is also  a   documented  fact  that every  participant has  experienced various other  unexpected side effects.  To mention only a few;  Most participants experience a change in attitude, develop a new outlook in general,  and many have formed  wonderful new friendships with those they serve with.

PLEASE NOTE:  100%  of ALL participants have noted various  unexpected blessings and new found joy and happiness in their personal life as a definite side effect of giving back and helping others with even the smallest amount of time.

You have been WARNED.  If you DO NOT want change, and you  DO NOT want to experience any or all of the side effects described herein, then stay as you are. However, if ANY of the side effects sound the slightest bit tempting or rewarding,  and  you are ready for a change, join us.

Send us a comment if you dare get involved.  If you’ve already been a part, please post below an experience of yours. 

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