The Sunbury House

By | July 20, 2015



One night I had a dream that I was pregnant with a bunch of babies, and I was helping others deliver their babies. When I awoke I thought that the dream was very prophetic. That God still had things to birth in me, while I was helping others birth what is inside of them.

The next day I went to a civic association meeting. My friend had just become the Executive Director of Greater Columbus Right to Life. She walked up to me and shared with me that she and one of the doctors were talking about me that day. She shared that they were trying to keep the women from having abortions, and that if they choose to keep their babies there are places in Columbus where they can live for up to two years. But if the women chose to place their babies for adoption the nearest home was 3 hours away. I looked at her and immediately responded that we would do that. We would be willing to open a home for women placing their babies. Ok, a dream, and then presented with a need.

The following day I received a call from one of the pastors in one of the neighborhoods. He called to inform me that during Lent they would like to take up an offering for a home for unwed mothers. I share with him that I did not have a home for unwed mothers, but told him of Hazel’s House of Hope. They then passed out baby bottle to their congregation. Ok, a dream, a need and now another confirmation.

So one morning I was scheduled to go to a meeting in the Hilltop area of Columbus. I called Dan and told him that I wasn’t going to that meeting, and that I was going to a meeting on the opposite part of town. His response was “why would you go there”? I told him that I just “felt” like I was supposed to.

So I got to the meeting, and the speaker didn’t show. They started asking me questions about Hazel’s House of Hope, and I became the speaker. When the meeting was over several people came up to speak with me. One was a retired school teacher who wanted to volunteer, another had a nonprofit organization that took instruments into the inner city and taught children how to play musical instruments. About that time I’m thinking that this was a good meeting. Next an older gentleman walked up, I could tell that he was emotional. He shared with me that he had a house off the square in Sunbury, Ohio, a 5 bedroom house, built in 1837, and that while I was talking he saw this house as a home for unwed mothers.

Just the week before I had shared with the interns that I had the feeling that we were going to get another home. That we have a house south, west & east, and that this one needed to be in the north. Guess where Sunbury is? North of Columbus.

I thanked him, and shared that I knew it was coming. I then asked him to go home and talk with his wife since he is giving away a house. He assured me that his wife would do double back flips from a standing position when she learns he was giving the house away.

The next morning I received an email from the gentleman. He shared with me some of the history of the house, and that his wife was in total agreement. Some other logistics, and then “my wife is the beautiful witty teller who serves you at Chase Bank”. You see I had been going into the bank several times a week and chit chatting with the teller. I would share with her about Hazel’s House and the ministry.

When his wife came home from work that evening he was so excited, and shared with her about the lunch speaker, and the Sunbury house. As he was talking she interrupted and said that it sounded like a woman that comes into the bank. They then both pulled out my business card. That’s just how we roll.

I share with people all the time that I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t go and ask for anything, God just brings it to us. That way I cannot say “look what I did”, it’s all God.

We will be working with attorneys, counselors, adoption agencies, & many volunteers to support these women while they co-create with God.

It has been a long hard road, but we plan to be moved in by August 2015.  Let us know if you would be interested in volunteering in the new adventure.

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