Remember the first day of school?  A new pair of shoes, outfit, backpack & school supplies?  I still remember the smell of those freshly sharpened pencils.

We at the HUB, Hazel’s House & and Annes Open Arms made that happen for several children in our Hilltop neighborhood.

Thank you to everyone who donated.  Happy faces coming & going.




How great if we could all come together:  different organizations, churches, color, ethnic backgrounds, economic backgrounds…and work together.  THAT IS THE HUB!

The HUB is a location in a Hilltop neighborhood where we can come together and celebrate things in common, not the things that separate us.

In addition to Hazel’s House, and all it offers, we will be adding the following ministries:

Ann’s Open Arms

As you check out the ministries of the HUB you will see how we compliment each other, and become the body of Christ.

*the photo above represents a recovered drug addict, a woman at the well, a pregnant teen, and a child of a prostitute.  THIS IS US.

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