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By | July 10, 2014


Hazel’s House of Hope is a movement; a movement from the American dream, a movement from the status quo, a community of urban missionaries. We are Hazel’s House.

We have chosen to leave our country or suburban lives to move to the forgotten neighborhood; places where girls hang out on the corner, young men set on stoops and wait for customers, where children are loved, but due to circumstances can be hungry, naked & often neglected.

We love unconditionally, extravagantly & without question. We open our homes, we feed the neighbors; we find a need and fill it.

South Columbus, Southfield/Marion Franklin, Miller/Kelton, Hilltop. The reports you hear on the news do not tell the whole story. Our neighborhoods are alive, happy and coming to life.

Are you ready for the movement? Do you want to volunteer? Become an urban missionary? Donate? Join the movement……your greatest adventure is waiting for you.

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