It’s A Wonderful Life

By | December 26, 2014

The presents are open, the mess has been cleaned up, and yet I keep thinking of the joy of Christmas Eve.

80+ volunteers showed up at Hazel’s House Morrill to share with our neighborhoods the true meaning of Christmas.

It was such a joy to have many of my family, and lots of friends to help share in this beautiful day.

Thank you to everyone who donated, stuffed bags, sorted food, and delivered food & toys.  We delivered to a total of 225 families.

The highlight of all involved was the little boy in the window.  As the parade was moving down Morrill, delivering food to each house, they noticed a little boy watching from a second story window.  The crowd then stopped in front of his house, waved, and sang to him.

Life is about one touching one.  Stepping outside of ourselves to help someone in need.  Maybe it’s a meal, maybe it’s a hug….sometimes it may simply be a smile.  Please take time to touch that one.

If you were part of Christmas Eve please leave a comment with your most touching moment of the day.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible.  Words could never express our gratitude.




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