Fighting The Heroin Epidemic

By | February 12, 2016

Our Founder, Cindi Gremling, was again interviewed concerning the heroin epidemic.

“I am not an expert, I can only share what I see on the streets.  We can pass bills, and throw money at the problem, but unless you reach the one on the street, it’s just a bandaid.  Just this week there was a huge SWAT raid just a few doors from one of our Hazel’s House.

Deputies: Cocaine, marijuana, guns, $36k found during drug trafficking investigation

We live in our neighborhoods on purpose.  Our goal is to love them til they ask us why.  Please don’t pretend it’s not in your neighborhood, your school, your church, your work, or your family.  Gremling shared that she lost her cousin last month to the epidemic.

Click below to watch her interview.


Cindi Gremling ABC6 Heroin Epidemic

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