Change is Coming!!!

By | September 2, 2015

As we’re all busy getting ready for school, fall, holidays & winter snow, we know change is coming.

This is ever so true for Hazel’s House of Hope, Girls with Attitude & the Sunbury House.

We’ve just come out of a very busy summer.  In addition to our everyday lives, mentoring & ministering to the neighborhoods we have had many, many special events.

We had a block party in each of the neighborhoods, with the Royals Project (super heroes & princesses) food, games, back to school supplies, clothing giveaways, guest speakers & lots of  FUN!  If you don’t believe us, look at some of the pics below.

We were honored to once again host the missionary team from Northgate Baptist Church, Beckley WV.  It was amazing to watch them interact with the children, minister to the homeless, and love on the addicts.  After 2 years they are definitely Hazel’s House family.

In addition to the fun we have had lives changed.  Groups continue at the Morrill house, and Wednesday evenings have shown to be our very own “church” on the block.  One particular evening we had guests speakers, food & lots of rain.  The speakers continued through the rain, the participants sat through the rain, and following two men gave their lives to Christ. Since everyone was already wet, Pastor Don just baptized them right there.  His comment was “tonight you will get just as wet in the rain as you would if you’d been dunked”.  That’s being the church.

We’ve also experienced heartache and disappointment this summer.

We detoxed an addict, had people stay with him around the clock, took him to a rehab program only to have him return in 2 days.  Upon his return he began to break into our garage, steal from us & and attempt a break in.

If you remember my story last fall of “Lisa” she returned in the spring, and lived with us for 3 1/2 months.  She was very active with Hazel’s House, spoke on behalf of Hazel’s House, and worked to keep us up and running.  We are sad to say that she has since left, and we currently do not know where she is residing.  Continue to pray for direction in her life.

In addition at one of our locations we actually had neighbors stealing electricity from us.  (who knew?)

I remember in the beginning of Hazel’s House recognizing that the neighborhood would lie, cheat, steal, use & abuse.  But vowed that we would do this anyways.

Thank you to everyone who has been so faithful through the summer months.  Volunteers. interns, donors, friends & family have all come around and done above & beyond all we could have imagined, for that we are forever grateful.

Enjoy the pics, and mark your calendar for September 26, 3-6pm.  We will be having the Grand Opening of the Sunbury House, with a ribbon cutting, food, and of course FUN!  See you there.



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