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Fighting The Heroin Epidemic

Our Founder, Cindi Gremling, was again interviewed concerning the heroin epidemic. “I am not an expert, I can only share what I see on the streets.  We can pass bills, and throw money at the problem, but unless you reach the one on the street, it’s just a bandaid.  Just this week there was a… Read More »

Find a Need and Fill it

Let’s face it, we’re all in bondage.  Bondage to food, drugs, relationships, religion, poverty, wealth…..the list is endless. Our purpose at Girls with Attitude, Hazel’s House of Hope & the Sunbury House is to set the captives free. Below is an article from the Columbus Dispatch, please read and let us know where you would… Read More »

I’m Angry! I’m Hurting! And I am Sad!

Before you read any further, know that this post is being written by Cindi Gremling, the founder of Hazel’s House of Hope.  These are my thoughts and opinions.  Delete me, unfriend me, do whatever you have to do….. Ohio is Rated #2 Drug Overdose State in the Nation.  Read the article here. For the past… Read More »

ABC 6 On Your Side visits Hazel’s House again

If you think heroin use doesn’t affect you-think again. ABC 6 visited Hazel’s House to discuss the antidote to heroin.  The reality is people are dying every day from heroin.  According to the Ohio Department of Health on average 5 people a day die from drug overdoses. Cindi Gremling, Hazel’s House of Hope founder comments… Read More »

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook

Yesterday I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was somehow connected to 6 girls who had died from heroin overdoses in the past month or so.  That then turned into an interview with the news.  Trust me I am in no way an expert.  I talk to the people in my neighborhood, users,… Read More »