A Day in the Life

By | November 10, 2014

Let me tell you about a day in MY life.

I had plans to go out of town, and those plans got changed, so I am sitting here visiting with my friend.  My friend who works for a mental health agency.

The phone rings, I answer.  On the other line is a pastor friend who shares with me there is a girl, in a hotel room, who is drinking, and is threatening suicide.  He asked if I know anyone who could help her.  I reply to the pastor that, purely coincidentally my friend who works in mental health is here, and we will go get her.

We head to a part of town that is known for prostitution.  We got to the hotel, knocked on the door.  When the door opened the girl just fell into my arms and wept.  We went into the room and sat down, she looked at me and asked who I was.  See she didn’t know me, and it didn’t matter, she just wanted help.

We sat with her for a couple hours as she drank and shared her story.  It was a story of abuse, neglect, life on the road, and of longer term prostitution.  As I sat and talked with her I saw a little girl.  A little girl who wanted to be loved and nurtured.

Let me draw you a picture.  Seedy hotel room, bottles both empty and full of alcohol, a robe on the bed, trash overflowing and remains of food all around.  There were episodes of cursing, ranting, raving and even a grown women who urinated on herself, and hugs.  All the while I saw a little girl.

We finally go her to agree to go to a facility where they could help her detox, and get her into rehab.  That was a trip in itself.

As we exited the hotel she asked for a cigarette.  We handed her the cigarette, and she was too drunk to light it.  So I, who’ve never smoked a day in my life lit her cigarette.  (Hey, sometimes you have to chose your battles}

When we arrived at our location she was taken in the back so the staff could do an assessment.  The nurse came back and said that she was not cooperating.  As I walked back I looked into her room.  There she sat in the nude.  I walked in, handed her clothes, and we talked.  She agreed to cooperate and move forward in the detox process.

As we left, it was like leaving one of my children behind, trusting that this was best for her.

Two days later I received a call from her.  She informed me that she was leaving the facility, and going to meet her “boyfriend”.  My heart sank.  Past experience says she’s back on the street.  The facility called me, and I just said I can’t want it more than her, let her go.

On her visit to see her boyfriend he handed her a credit card, told her to book a flight back to Chicago, and get to work.

I am so pleased to tell you that when boyfriend walked out of the room, she left a note, and the credit card, and headed back to detox.

She called me from the detox facility, and I have to say I was one happy momma!  She shared with me that on her way back to the facility she stopped and bought a 4 pack of small wine bottles.  She drank one, and turned the others in to the facility.

I thank God for every victory.  So when you lay down your head at night, continue your prayers for “Lisa”.  It’s going to be a long, hard road, but I BELIEVE!!!!


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