How Do You Say Goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to friends who have been with you through the good, the bad & the ugly?  Friends who are closer than family? Jacob & Amara Thompson stepped out in faith, with 2 babies in tow.  They felt God drawing them to the inner city and a life of sacrifice.   They… Read More »

Today is a Sad Day

Today is a sad day. Every hot dog, shirt, hug or meal is because we want you to know Jesus. It’s not about getting attention, a spot on the news, or a meaningless trophy. Please stop playing & and do something to be the change you want to see in Columbus. If you don’t want… Read More »

Love is a Verb

On this the day that we celebrate love, we say to you that love is a verb. How do you act out your love?  To us here at Hazel’s House our love is shown through serving meals, assisting our neighbors, loving the neighborhood kids, playing nice with the drug boys, and befriending the girls on… Read More »

Thank a Local Officer

Annual Shop with a cop for Hazel’s House of Hope. We had an amazing day. With donations from 13 Precinct, all three shifts, we almost doubled our donations from last year. Several others gave extra including a young couple who asked if they could donate and gave us an extra $300! Hazel’s House gives to… Read More »

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

For us here at Hazel’s House this is our favorite time of year. Thanksgiving week Jacob & Amara delivered Thanksgiving baskets to the neighborhood.  The joy on the faces of families who would otherwise not have had that turkey meal.       “Thank you so much! It was unexpected and GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! You guys… Read More »

Because of YOU!

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Because of your generous donations we were able to send a girl to a faith based rehab center in Pittsburg TODAY! She is ready, willing & able.  Because of you there’s one less daughter, sister, or niece on the streets. It takes a village, and I am thankful for… Read More »

To Everything There is a Season

August 2016   To everything there is a season.  (Ecc 3:1) We at Hazel’s House are coming into a new season. We will still be located in the neighborhood, we will still minister to the neighborhood, but it will be more of a one on one approach.  It is our belief that Jesus spoke to… Read More »

Summer Fun!

What’s more fun than taking a load of dirty clothes to the laundry? Well Hazel’s House, and can make it fun. On a hot Tuesday evening Hazel’s House of Hope &  joined forces to help some families in the inner city do their laundry, and have fun! Crossroads Coordinator Christine Petty posted the following:  All… Read More »

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way!

Our first holiday at Hazel’s House of Hope’s we realized that the majority of holidays fall at the end of the month.  In all good conscience I could not set down with family and eat a huge dinner knowing that others are going hungry. As a result our Community Easter dinner will be held on… Read More »